Hello! My name is Phaidra Boyd

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An educator is a fountain of encouragement, knowledge, and wisdom. As educators, we must love what we are teaching and who we are teaching it to. We must believe that everyone can learn, albeit at different speeds and with different techniques. We must be well acquainted with the subject matter and be able to transmit that information so that students understand how and when to use it and why. The process of learning is a combination or mindset and ability. People usually enlist the aid of a tutor when they are seeking to increase their ability to understand a subject. Oftentimes, they come lacking the confidence in their ability to learn. One of my clients came with three strikes against her: she was performing below average, had low confidence and little interest. After hours of tutoring and being constantly affirmed of her ability to succeed, she received the distinction of being The Most Improved Student in the entire SCHOOL at the end of the year! I helped another student increase his score so that he could apply to the school of his choice. Other students just needed some time with me to get them back on the right trajectory. I have vast experience in education and teaching is my greatest passion.

About Me

I have been in the business of educating for about half of my life. I have taught at the elementary, middle, high school, and college levels. My services include tutoring at all levels for all subjects at the elementary and middle school levels, math through Calculus 1/Trigonometry, SAT math preparation, after school care, homeschool support, Spanish, ESL and, Summer and Spring Break Camps. I hold a Bachelors in Architectural Studies, a Masters in Civil Engineering, am very active at my church with the youth, and hold various leadership positions. I look forward to educating and inspiring!

$1 - $300/hour
50% within 24 hours
Spanish, SAT, College Preparation, Regional/K-12 Tests, Speech Pathology, Reading, Writing, English, Developmental Education, Computer Skills, Algebra, Foreign Language
Elementary School, Middle School, High School
Long-Term Tutoring, Single Consultation, Short-Term Tutoring